Onyx Jockstrap
Onyx Jockstrap
Onyx Jockstrap

Onyx Jockstrap

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- Handmade 

- 88% Polyester and 12% spandex  blend silky soft fabric

- Soft flexible leg straps

- Soft 2” thick elastic waistband

- You can swim in our jockstrap and they dry fast as well!

Pack Animal Company is for all bodies and all genders. Trans, Cis, Non-Binary, and GNC people. All our underwear have different options to pick from to suit your needs. Flat front, packing Pocket and a harness option.

Note: Only the Harness option is functional for STP usage.  You can store most stand to pee devices in the pouch but  also have the option to have is against your body. 


1) Basic (No pocket)

2) Pocket for packing, fits most packers up to 8”

Onyx Jockstrap